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Will and Power of Attorney Preparation


Regardless of age, every individual needs to secure the interests of their loved ones by having end-of-life documents prepared.  Claudia can help you identify those individuals and assets that you need to protect and care for if you were unable to do so yourself.  Claudia will help you prepare documents that lovingly and clearly state your intentions whether in regard to insurance policies, retirement assets, pets, children, or treasured antiques.  Typical estate planning documents include wills, power of attorney, and health care directives.  The firm bundles these services together to offer you the most value for your time and money.

Elder Care and End-of-Life Decisions


Talking to an aging parent about elder care choices is one of the most difficult conversations a family can have.  Equally challenging is the necessity of an aging parent to share end-of-life decisions with grown children and grandchildren. Claudia is experienced in leading compassionate conversations with families and advising them through these important decisions and discussions.  Whether contemplating the decision of where to age, making gifting and Medicare planning choices, or navigating the intensity of an emergent health crisis, Claudia can empower you and your family to come together with a loving and sound approach to aging and end of life.



Probate is the legal process by which your assets and property are transferred after your death by way of filing a will in court and administering the estate.  In Washington, probate is usually simple and inexpensive when an individual has a valid will in place and no will contests are anticipated.  Claudia is able to provide flexible probate initiation and administration services to families that meet their needs in a considerate but also value effective manner as well as non-probate administration for small estates.  In the challenging after-math of a loved ones death, Claudia is able to wisely guide you through the important business of wrapping up affairs with as much or as little assistance as your situation and family require.


Business Transactions and Consulting

As a small business owner you will repeatedly find yourself facing contracts, leases and form documents that need review and revision.  Claudia will prepare or review purchase agreements, commercial or residential leases, invoices, or contracts for services.  Additionally the firm offers advice and guidance in succession planning for small business owners looking to preserve and pass on their interests in their commercial enterprise.

Business Formation

When considering starting your own business, the process of choosing the right entity is critical to ensure your intended tax and liability consequences.  Whether you choose to form an LLC, corporation, non-profit, partnership or sole proprietorship, Claudia can outline the risks and benefits of each choice of entity to you and provide a detailed road map for your path forward.  Claudia's services include the preparation of partnership agreements, preparation and filing of  articles of incorporation, formation certificate and initial annual report necessary to form a new entity with the State of Washington. For those entities that require it bylaws, operating management agreement, and annual meeting minutes and documentation.


Trusts - living and testamentary - can be a great tool for protecting unique assets or transferring wealth on to the next generation in a thoughtful manner.  Claudia offers personalized trust formation services for trusts of any purpose including charitable trusts, revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, and Crummey power trusts.


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