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Guest Speaking and Discussion Groups

Guest Speaker


Claudia is available to speak to your community, parenting, school or church group about estate planning services, aging and end-of-life care, or owning your own business.  She offers a flexible, discussion oriented approach to educating families and individuals about these legal areas and the possible concerns they may have.  As an educational opportunity, these speaking engagements are offered free of charge to the community.  Please email or phone Claudia for more information on this opportunity and to schedule her to speak at an upcoming meeting.

Book Clubs and Discussion Groups

Claudia loves a good book and the chance to talk about it with others. She loves to join book clubs and discussion groups who are looking for a different perspective on legal issues, aging and elder issues, death and decisions in dying, and women and the law.  Choose from one of her favorites below or introduce a new favorite!  Or join together for a writing workshop on legacy letters and ethical wills.

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