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15 Years of Sharing Passages With You

2017 marks the 15th year of business for the Law Firm! Just a few months ago I had the great pleasure of running into one of the firm's first clients - a family I met shortly after the birth of their first child. I prepared for them an estate plan to match their growing family needs. Over the years they would reach out again as they added to their family. And just this last fall, I had the pleasure of running into them again as they served as witnesses for the will signing of a friend. The newborn baby that first brought us together is a teenager now! What an honor to be included in your lives - the birth of your children, the loss of a parent, the start of a new business, the purchase of a new home. I appreciate each one of your referrals and the unique web of friends and colleagues of yours with whom I end up working. I delight in getting to catch up with you when another of life's passages comes upon you. In sharing your very unique and individual stories, I have endeavored to meet your needs in a very personalized way. Thank you for 15 years of business. And here's to sharing more of life's passages together in the coming years.

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